AirBrush - Selfie Editor for Flawless Photos

AirBrush - Selfie Editor for Flawless Photos

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Download the photo app that will turn your expectations into reality.

AirBrush brings you the most natural, easy-to-use photo editing tools designed exclusively for the daily selfie taker!

• 5 star rating | 9,000+ reviews • What our users say: • "Simple but feature rich" • "Amazing app for retouching" • "I literally searched through wayyy too many bad editing apps until I found this one!”


Remove Blemishes • Eliminate pimples and unwanted spots with a simple tap

Love Your Smile? • With our teeth-whitening tool, you'll look like you came straight from the dentist

Perfect Complexion • Use “Smooth,” to achieve a perfect, glowing complexion

Concealer • Never let poor lighting or long tired nights affect your photos ever again

Bright Eyes • Bring out the beautiful contrast of your eyes to instantly light up your selfie with “Brighten”

Add Depth • With “Blur,” edit any photo to give it more depth and keep only the things that matter in focus

Reshape • Instantly slim or increase any area of the photo with a couple of simple swipes

Resize • Touch up the size of any section of your photo in seconds

Filters, Filters, Filters! • AirBrush beauty filters were professionally designed to enhance even the best portraits and selfie photos for the perfect finishing touch • Vignette Tool - Frame your favorite photos with our subtle vignette border

Ready to Share? • Directly share your AirBrush photos onto your favorite social media accounts

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