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برنامه‌ای كه پيش رويمان است از همه لحاظ برای كسانی كه علاقه‌ی زيادي به هواپيما و سفر‌های هوايی دارند مفيد و كاربردی‌ست.
با این برنامه می‌توانیم موقعيت لحظه‌ای هواپيماها را در سطح جهان ببینیم و همين‌طور اطلاعات اندكی در مورد مكان دقيقشان پيدا كنیم.
یكی از قابليت‌های ديگر اين برنامه اين است كه دستگاه ما را به يك پنل اطلاعات پرواز درون كابين خلبان تبديل می‌كند و هنگام رانندگي با ماشين حس می‌كنيم در هواپيما نشسته‌ايم!
این برنامه‌ی ۳۴ دلاری اپ‌استور را با حساب کاربری ویژه‌ی سیب‌اپ می‌توانیم رایگان دریافت کنیم.


The ultimate iPad/iPhone universal application that integrates with multiple data sources in order to report flight and navigation data wirelessly and in real time.

You will never be able to fly again without it. Designed to be used with the internal GPS or to integrate with a flight simulator, with the aid of a plugin this application allows you to track your flights in real-time in the palm of your hand, as well as to remotely control your simulated flights.

You no longer need to stay glued to the computer in order to know if you're still flying at 39,000 feet, if you're still heading to the right waypoint, how long you've got left or what the weather is going to be like at your destination airport; you can now relax and do it in the garden while you read the newspaper.

But if this isn't enough, AirTrack can also use your device's built-in GPS, Accelerometer and Gyro to determine your current movements and attitude and the Internet to download real weather to simulate an aircraft's sensors.

Turn your car trip into a flight experience by getting information about your instant position, heading and surrounding waypoints. See yourself in an EFIS style navigation display / primary flight display or plan your multi-leg trip with the built in route planner FMC which gives you real-time information about your waypoints, how far they are and how long it will take you to reach them.

With its built-in database of FIX, VOR, NDB and Airports, AirTrack can also be used as a flight companion allowing you to plan and monitor your trip, target a VOR or even perform a full IFR approach without ever needing to look at the screen. The AirTrack features include:

  • A full Primary Flight Display with speed, altitude, vertical speed, barometric pressure
  • Also in the PFD, compass, AI with roll/pitch, auto-pilot status and settings.
  • Instant GS, IAS, MACH, TAS and VS when available.
  • An MFD with APP, VOR, MAP and PLN mode with centered and expanded views.
  • The whole world as a map of geo contours in the MFD.
  • NAV / ADF and ILS / Approach guidance in the PFD and MFD.
  • An MCP panel to control the Aircraft's Auto-Pilot.
  • Wind speed and direction indicators.
  • Next waypoint reporting on the MFD.
  • Electronic Flight Bag style interface for iPad,
  • An advanced multimode navigation display.
  • A multi-leg FMC style route planner.
  • Enroute Airways decoder.
  • SID, STAR and Approach procedures decoder.
  • Bi-directional radio stack.
  • AutoTransponder Mode.
  • Customizable waypoints.
  • Saved waypoints and Nearby waypoints.
  • Real-Time weather information for airports.
  • Detailed airport information including runways.
  • A database of over 100k + localities worlwide.
  • Built-in database of intersections, VORs and NDBs.
  • Support for NAVIGRAPH FMS AIRAC cycles.
  • Tracking of VATSIM / IVAO/ PilotEdge surrounding air traffic on the MFD.
  • Tracking of which controllers are online in VATSIM/IVAO.
  • Auto-tuning of ATC frequencies to COM1/COM2.
  • Automatic position report generation for oceanic.
  • Enhanced graphics with high-res Retina Display.
  • Remote Yoke/Joystick/Rudder for flight simulator.
  • Support for X-Plane
  • Support for FS9 and FSX(*)
  • Support for ELITE 8.6 US
  • Cloud Services flight plan and waypoint sync.
  • Cloud based Approach plate / charts viewer with user charts.
  • And much more ...

(*) Please see for details of what is supported in FS9 and FSX and what is not before buying if you intend to use with one of these simulators.