Alarm Clock HD

Alarm Clock HD

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برنامه اي است كه مي گذارد تا شما در تمام طول روز و حتي شب ها هم اخبار را از دست ندهيد و مطلع بمانيد. اين برنامه علاوه بر اينكه يك ساعت ديجيتال فوق العاده زيبا و با تم هاي مختلف است يك آب هوا را به شما اطلاع مي دهد و داراي RSS feed است تا twit هاي شما را به اطلاعتان برساند و به Google news متصل شود.


With built-in weather information, RSS and Social Media integration like Twitter, Alarm Clock HD keeps you informed all night long!


  • Play your favorite iTunes music or playlist to wake up gently
  • Read the latest tweets of your Twitterfeed
  • Follow the latest news from RSS Google Reader
  • Fall asleep with relaxing songs using the built-in Sleep Timer
  • Instant flashlight option by shaking the device
  • Unlimited colors to personalize your clock
  • Full watchOS 2 support
  • Universal application (pay once to get Alarm Clock HD on your iPhone AND your iPad!)


UNLIMITED ALARMS AND SETTINGS: Set multiple alarms and repeat them daily or weekly. You can let the notification sound or music fade in gently and set the duration of the fade in.

SOCIAL MEDIA AND NEWS INTEGRATION: Read the latest news from your friends and family. Stay up-to-date with RSS feeds and Twitter posts. All in one screen and easy to manage to your personal interests.

IPOD MUSIC ALARMS: Wake up to your favorite iTunes Music. Add one or multiple songs or your whole playlist to your alarms. Make sure your app is active in the foreground so you can enjoy the music.

LOCAL NOTIFICATION ALARMS: Receive alarms even when Alarm Clock HD is closed using the iOS local notifications.

WEATHER INFORMATION: Alarm Clock HD automatically retrieves and displays local weather information. You will see your local temperature, weather description and wind details. You won't need to select your location manually!

SLEEP TIMER: Play your iTunes music for a given time period and let the music gently fade out while you fall asleep. The sleep timer will fade out the music so you won't wake up from sudden sound level changes. Makes sure Alarm Clock HD is active in the foreground when you want to use this feature.

FLASHLIGHT: Easily turn your iPhone or iPad into a flashlight by shaking it. It switches off by tapping twice or shaking it again. The flashlight also illuminates the flash LED on devices with a LED, like the iPhone 4.

BRIGHTNESS SLIDERS: Slide the clock screen from left to right to control the foreground brightness.

VOLUME SLIDER: When your app is open, you can use the volume slider within the app. When the app is in the background, use the device volume to set your volume.

BATTERY LEVEL: Monitor your battery level from within the app.

BIG SNOOZE BUTTONS: Fully adjust the snooze function and length.

AUTOMATIC INTEGRATION: Automatic integration of your all iPhone clock settings, like AM/PM settings and 12/24-hour clock format.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE: All functions of this alarm clock are fully adjustable.

Alarm Clock HD sets a new standard for alarm applications and combines all functions you would expect in a modern alarm app!