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Hello Alfred

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Hello Alfred is the #1 app for people who want to save time and the ONLY app that takes care of all your weekly chores.

“It feels like I’ve been visited by my errand fairy godmother.” - Fast Company

Say Hello to the smartest way to take care of your errands. Alfred pairs busy individuals (a.k.a. you) with organized, knowledgeable, intuitive people who handle all of life’s necessities, from groceries and dry cleaning to tailoring and sending packages. Alfred is an automatic, hands-off service that hums along quietly in the background of your life—so you can be free to live yours.


“Alfred works. And if removing a ton of errands from your life is worth $25 a week to you, it could even be quite the bargain.” —Forbes

“Having my laundry, groceries and packages taken care of for me allows me to maximize my weekends. I think one of the other reasons Alfred is so useful is that it removes 100% of the cognitive load of chores.” —Josh C., Alfred Customer

“These guys really get it. Alfred eases my stress and frees up my time to be productive on other things. It’s such a pleasant surprise to come home to have my dry cleaning hung up and my fridge filled with greek yogurt and Bud Light.” —Mark S., Alfred Customer

“My wife was skeptical at first, but now she’s recommending Alfred at cocktail parties and to friends on our block. It’s a great service.” —Dan P., Alfred Customer

“Alfred was there when I needed them most. I ended up in the hospital unexpectedly and Alfred came to fill my fridge, get my prescriptions and took care of everything I needed without thinking twice.” —Kirsten J., Alfred Customer

Come home happy to:

• A clean home • Groceries in your fridge • Laundry and dry cleaning on your shelves • Fully stocked household goods and pharmacy items • Packages and letters sent out • And much more!

Why Alfred?

• Never think about your chores again. Alfred lets you build a weekly routine and recurring orders. • Alfred gets to know you better over time so we can make sure the little things are just how you like them. • We source, test and verify the best vendors for your area. • We never mark up. Nope, not even a cent. • Deep background, criminal and credit checks on all Alfred employees. • We’re insured up to $2 million. • Extras: Donation days, special offers

Questions, concerns, feedback? We want to know! Email hi@helloalfred.com