Vero - True Social

Vero - True Social

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شبکه‌ی اجتماعی جدید و برتر در بیش از 100 کشور دنیا

اشتراک گذاری راحت تر لحظات زندگی و انتخاب اینکه چه کسانی به آن دسترسی داشته باشند

مخاطبین خود را دسته بندی کنید و میزان صمیمیت آن ها را مشخص کنید.


Vero - True to life

Featured as best new app in over 100 countries, Vero makes sharing online more like real life. That means naturally choosing which posts get seen by who – whether it’s a photo, a song, a book or movie recommendation, a cool restaurant or a great article.

Now you can share more, always being sure who will and won’t see your posts.

• Categorise your contacts as ‘close friends’, ‘friends’ or ‘acquaintances’. • Stay in full control of who hears what about you. • Share experiences freely with your different contact groups. • Branch out and publish your Vero posts to your Facebook and Twitter audience. • Photos, Links, Music, Movies, Places and Books shared with you by your contacts are classified into collections. • Send and receive instant messages with those you’re connected to.

*Named by Apple in their ‘Best New Apps’ category within 159 countries, September 2015

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