Audulus 3

Audulus 3

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Audulus برنده‌ی جایزه‌ی مجله‌ی نوازنده‌ی الکترونیک است! با Audulus می‌توانیم سینتیسایزر بسازیم. این برنامه به ما اجازه می‌دهد تا صداهای جدیدی طراحی کنیم. این برنامه برای اجراهای زنده هم مناسب است استفاده از Audulus بسیار ساده است. محیط کاربری این برنامه تمیز و مرتب است و به‌راحتی قابل یادگیری. این موضوع باعث می‌شود که بتوانیم روی صدا تمرکز بیشتری داشته باشیم.


With Audulus, you can build synthesizers, design new sounds, or process audio. All with low latency real-time processing suitable for live performance. Audulus's user interface is clean, simple, and easy to learn, allowing you to focus on sound - now made easier than ever with nearly 100 built-in Eurorack-style modules.

▶ Winner of Electronic Musician Magazine Editor's Choice Award, 2017

"Audulus 3 out and is stunning!" - Richard Devine, "Anybody into synthesis should check out Audulus on the iPad. Tweaker heaven." - Jordan Rudess "Audulus is fantastic, a thinking man's synth." - UK App Store review Rated "Killer App" on!

Praise for the Mac version: "beautiful interface" - Peter Kirn, "Love this App. It has one of the best UIs I've ever used." - USA Mac App Store review "The biggidy bomb coolest most super tech-nerd fun times soft synth I've bought in recent times!" - Mac App Store Australia review "Remarkable gesture control" -

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▶ Educational pricing available. For more information, see

▶ Key Features:

• Fluid Vector Interface - smooth animated interaction • MIDI control - use your control surface or MIDI keyboard • Polyphony - process multiple voices • Diverse Nodes - from ADSR to ZeroCross • Patch Browser - quickly flip through your patches • 32-bit floating-point signal processing • Fully Enhanced for Retina Display • Unlimited Undo - full history stored in a patch • Round-trip workflow with Audulus for Mac • Virtual MIDI – control Audulus from your favorite MIDI app • Audiobus support! - Runs as both an Input and Effect • Sub-Patches - group and reuse nodes • Universal Modulation - modulate any knob • iCloud support - effortlessly sync patches between Mac and iPad • Custom Nodes - build your own modules! • Timing mode - figure out which nodes are using the most CPU!

▶ Featured Built-in Modules:

• 5ms Revolving Clock Divider • Touch Feedback Clock • Ms. Torsion Distortion • Fibonacci Sequence • Fab Five Rectifying LFO • The Warpeggiator • Scale Quantizer • Cyclone Matrix Mixer ...and many more!

▶ Built-in Nodes:

• Virtual Analog Oscillator (4 classic waveforms) • ADSR Envelope • Noise Generator • Mathematical Modules: Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Sine, Modulo • Math expression module - 34 operation expression language • Random Number Generator • MIDI controlled Keyboard • MIDI assignable trigger • 16-Step Sequencer • Delay • Distortion • Low Pass Filter • Low Pass Filter with resonance • High Pass Filter • Feedback Delay • Unit Delay • DC Blocker • Envelope Follower • Pitch Shifter • Constant Value • Gain • Mapper Curve • Piecewise-linear Spline Curve • Sample and Hold • Crossfade • 4-Channel Mixer • Level Meter • Value Meter • Scrolling Waveform Meter • Light • RGB Light • Input/Output • Polyphonic to Monophonic signal mixer • Polyphonic/Monophonic signal converters • Multiplexer/Demultiplexers • Sub-Patch • Timer • Zero-crossing Counter • Text

▶ Recommended hardware: 4th Generation iPad or later. iPhone 5 or later.

Please don't hesitate to contact us at support at audulus dot com if you have any questions or need help.