Baby Story - Pregnancy Pics Baby Milestones Photo

Baby Story - Pregnancy Pics Baby Milestones Photo

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برنامه Baby Story - Pregnancy Pics Baby Milestones Photoدارای پرداخت درون برنامه ای از طریق itunes می باشد یک برنامه متفاوت و بامزّه ادیت عکس که دارای فیلتر‌ها و ابزارهای ادیت و متون آماده‌ای برای قرار دادن روی عکس‌هاست که مخصوص کودکان و نوزادان است و می‌توان عکس‌های جالبی و خلاقانه‌ای نظیر آنچه در اسکرین‌شات‌های برنامه می‌بینید از نوزادان و کودکان خردسال خلق کرد .


برنامه Baby Story - Pregnancy Pics Baby Milestones Photoدارای پرداخت درون برنامه ای از طریق itunes می باشد

— Featured as Best New App by Apple —

"This app is a must-download for new mommies and mommies-to-be." — Brit+Co

Capture your precious moments and turn them into lasting memories. Baby Story App makes your pregnancy, baby pics, and baby milestones into beautiful visual stories.

"A baby photo book studio in your hand" — As featured on Product Hunt

"So much fun and truly rewarding. This app helps me mark her milestones in a unique way. " — Liz S. baby story user

Baby Story App lets you: • Create beautiful visual memories with crafted milestone artworks and fonts. • Personalize the look and feel of your pics with elegant and professional 15 filters. • Design your unique baby photo themes and save them for reuse.

— Features —

• 15 FILTERS All filters in Baby Story App are professionally designed for babies & kids to make their pics even more beautiful. • 450+ ARTWORKS Categories: Every Day, Due & Weeks, Christmas, Dates, Status, Birthday, Deco, Surprise, BellyOn, Doodles, Kids, Hearts and Sweet. • OVER 100 ARTISTIC FONTS Choose from a wonderful collection of fonts from the best designers in the world. You can easily personalize your texts for your special moments. • SAVE YOUR OWN DESIGN Once you’ve made your masterpiece, just save it as ‘My Theme’ and you can always apply and edit them anywhere. • ADDITIONAL 900+ ARTWORKS Each category contains between 14-50+ illustrations within in-app purchases: Big news, Getting Big, Adorable, Baby Dates, Doodles, Firsts, Compare with Fruits, Vacation, Sweet, Status, Foods, Ties, Dresses, Arrows, Rounds, Family Pics, Baby Milestones, Feelings, Berries, Happy Days, Holidays, and Mom&Dad.

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