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The BreakingSports app gets all you all the latest news, scores, and stats for your favorite leagues, teams and players with up-to-the-second alerts. Customize your feed so you never miss a beat on the teams and players that matter most. Whether you’re a fanatic, fantasy sports player, or sports enthusiast this app is everything you need. BreakingSports finds info as it happens in real-time and notifies you before anyone else.

What you get with BreakingSports:

  • The fastest alerts for news, scores, stats, and more!
  • Customize your feed and filters
  • Get access to all the latest news for your favorite teams, leagues, and players
  • See the scores and plays as they happen
  • View all the league, team, and player stats
  • Get alerts for live streaming video
  • Watch game highlights in the video tab
  • Available on Apple Watch and iMessage