CALC Smart - The Scientific Calculator with Converter & Widget +

CALC Smart - The Scientific Calculator with Converter & Widget +

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بر کسی پوشیده نیست که محاسبات، بخش لاینفک زندگی هر دانش‌آموز، دانشجو یا هر کسی است که به گونه‌ای به تحصیل مشغول است. پرداخت هزینه جدا برای خرید ماشین حساب با توجه به قیمت‌هایی که دارند، چندان معقول نیست. به جای خرید ماشین حساب می‌توانید از اپلیکیشن ماشین حساب CALC Smart استفاده کنید که یکی از برترین اپلیکیشن‌های ماشین حساب برای آیفون محسوب می‌شود.
اپلیکیشن ماشین حساب CALC Smart کارایی را با زیبایی ترکیب کرده است. شما با استفاده می‌توانید با استفاده از CALC Smart می‌توانید محاسبات روزمره و علمی را انجام دهید. تبدیل ابعاد مختلف به یکدیگر، محاسبه توابع و ... را در رابط کاربری شکیل انجام دهید بدون اینکه لازم باشد با منوها و دکمه‌های پیچیده سر و کله بزنید.
قابلیت‌های CALC Smart:
• رابط کاربری شکیل
• داشتن انواع محاسبات رومزه و علمی


Mindful Math that won't Waste Your Time anymore: CALC has a smarter way about your daily routines. Always on the latest iOS + empowered by Your ideas. Fav. fan quote? "Functionality & Beauty can co-exist"

  • FEATURED by Apple in Utilities + in Calculate & Convert
  • VERIFIED by 7.7k global Reviews & over 100M sessions
  • LOVED for its Efficient UI with Live results & Natural feel
  • CERTIFIED by Teachers on the Educational App Store

iOS 10 & watchOS 3 ready:

  • iPAD multitasking, 3D Touch shortcuts
  • Spotlight searching of History log
  • Expandable Calculator Widget w/ History
  • Apple watch native App with haptic

CALCs Top 10 Smart, Unique Features: ① Results as you type, even with open parentheses ② Sharable History & Tape-Roll sums in Landscape ③ Widget designed for space & time to do the math ④ Fast conversions with just a swipe (or tap) ⑤ Live currencies with flags & a Custom unit option ⑥ Quick gratuity calculator with approximations ⑦ Decimals showing Fractions with 1/999 precision ⑧ Unlimited user-definable Functions and Constants ⑨ Share expressions with a simple link tap ⑩ On-screen Timer tracks remaining mins:secs

Plus one more thing... a special Theme Customization Interface and a set of layout Options allow you to sync your eyes, fingers and mind into one seamless experience!

CALC is really clever. CALC does live math expressions: From simplifying even the simplest like "1+ -2", that you can type the same way you'd on a paper (without the need for "negating" a number afterwards) ... to more advanced expressions like "1/3 + -( 3 x 9(log(4;8) + sind(90)))" where you can even specify a base for the log() function, use natural input without the need to insert a multiplication symbol or worry if you did the trig. function "sinus" in RAD or DEG, or closed all parentheses.

Advanced calculator. By swiping left and right on CALC, you can easily access over 60 advanced math functions, constants and symbols + create limitless number of your own!

History log. CALC remembers what you have calculated. Swipe up, and you can see all your previous calculations and perform aggregate functions.

Built in converter. Convert your results in 21 common categories, including currency and one extra custom category where you can define your own units and conversions.

Colorful Themes. Limitless lovely themes for you to browse, including optional parallax background image of your choice!

Easy access. Tap & Hold a math expression to edit it. Shake your device to undo Tap & Hold a number key for smart parenthesis Tap & Hold the decimal point for RANDOM decimal Tap & Hold the “ans” key for answer history or M+/- feature Tap & Hold the “÷” key for 1/x Tap & Hold the “-” key to negate Text style Edit option for Expressions Tapping sound options

... and plenty more: i.e. custom keyboard for your iOS or numerous font choices for your eyes!

We do frequent updates. If you feel something's missing or needs an adjustment, just ask:

Tip: Make your own unique CALC background and download your piece of the universe @

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