CALC Swift - The Programmable Scientific Calculator with Style

CALC Swift - The Programmable Scientific Calculator with Style

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ماشین حسابی با ظاهری کاملا متفاوت و مدرن که دارای برتری های زیادی نسبت به بقیه ی ماشین حساب ها است و این برتری ها داشتن History قوی و امکان به اشتراک گذاشتن اطلاعات است. این ماشین حساب از تم ها و رنگ های متنوعی پشتیبانی می کند.


Stop loosing Time with CALC Swift - it's the one thing you truly own for yourself so why waste it? We offer this version of the infamous CALC app (Apple featured with over 7.5k reviews) if you don't need the Converter and Graphing. Designed to let you zip through your daily math in your own unique style + LOVED by thousands for its smart UI with Live results & Natural feel :-)

Now featuring user-definable advanced Functions that you can Share easily with other CALC users and iOS 10 optimizations with iPad multitasking, 3D Touch shortcuts, Expandable Widget, Spotlight searching of History + watchOS 3 native App with haptic.

CALC is super intelligent, multi-functional scientific calculator that makes doing math look like art. It has built-in on-screen timer, notif. center Widget, Custom Keyboard, many pre-set functions like Date-time and Base computations and limitless combination of colors, fonts, shapes and sizes.

CALC features standard basic & scientific calculator functions, history log, and an elegant user interface. The quick timer is designed to help your track remaining mins:secs whenever you are on schedule.

CALC is really clever. CALC can do live math expressions: from the simplest like "1+2" to more advanced expressions like "3+(3x9(80+sin(90)))"

Advanced calculator. By swiping left and right on CALC, you can easily access over 50+ advanced math functions.

History log. CALC remembers what you have calculated. Swipe up, and you can see all your previous calculations.

Colorful Themes. Limitless lovely themes for you to browse, including optional parallax background image of your choice!

Easy access. Tap & Hold a math expression to edit it. Shake your device to undo Tap & Hold a number key for smart parenthesis Tap & Hold the decimal point for RANDOM decimal Tap & Hold the “ans” key for answer history Tap & Hold the “÷” key for 1/x Tap & Hold the “-” key to negate

Text style Edit option for Expressions Tapping sound options

An In-App purchase is ready if you decide to add the Converter and Basic Graphing!

  • MDM / AppConfig enabled for EMM systems