Clammr Radio – Discover Podcasts, Music, & News Headlines

Clammr Radio – Discover Podcasts, Music, & News Headlines

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HEAR what’s happening in your world, fast. Discover the best parts of today’s podcasts, music, news, and comedy -- in a continuous stream of bite-sized audio highlights. It’s like having an assistant curate and read the internet to you – but better.

• 1-tap to stream full length audio instantly

• Share your favorite moments with friends and social networks

• Thumbs Up content you like to make your stream more personalized

• Discover together - invite and follow your friends so your personalized stream includes the content they discover and Like

• Create and share your own audio moments - with Clammr installed, share great podcast moments directly from your favorite podcast app -- including Apple Podcast App, Overcast Podcast Player, Pocket Casts, Castro, PodCruncher, Downcast, and others -- while listening to your favorite podcast episodes

When should you listen?

  • while you get ready in the AM so you know what’s happening in your world before you leave the house
  • driving
  • exercising
  • cooking or cleaning.
  • whenever you want to know what’s happening in your world – especially if you can’t stare at a screen
  • whenever you want to DISCOVER the world’s best audio moments

What do people compare us to?

  • Audio RSS on steroids
  • Audio Instagram
  • Audio Twitter
  • Swell 2.0
  • Podcast app version of Pandora
  • Personalized 1010 Wins

Check out sources you love, like NPR, Time, Techcrunch, Huffington Post, Urban Dictionary, your favorite podcast, and 3000+ more.

Stay plugged in – and get smarter! Discover what your friends are listening to.

Have questions, problems, or feedback? Reach out to us at: