Fiete Soccer for kids 5+

Fiete Soccer for kids 5+

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Your little soccer fan will love it. A soccer game especially for preschoolers. Create your own team, play championships and win the cup. Already over 500,000 downloads worldwide. Now download the free app or immediately unlock the full version.

With Fiete Soccer you get a cool soccer app that is especially made for kids ages 5, 6, 7

You can play in Championship mode all the way to the top of world soccer and get that trophy! You shoot impressive goals with your favorite team in overwhelming stadium atmosphere.

Your kids become world champions!

Win games, climb in the rankings, and get the soccer cup! The better you play, the more the audience in the stadium will cheer you on. In the tournament exciting football games are waiting, because the further you get, the better your opponents will be!

Start your own club! Create your own soccer team from countless combinations:

  • choose from 24 pre-installed teams or create your own team,
  • give your own teams names,
  • choose from 48 different national flags,
  • choose from 64 different jersey combinations
  • put together personalized teams from more than 180 various players

How Fiete Soccer works: Fiete Soccer is easy to use for children and at the same time provides exciting game situations. This guarantees many hours of soccer fun. Make your way through the opposing ranks. Steal the ball from your opponent. But be careful. In the event of a foul, the referee will also reach for a yellow card. And with a red card you have to leave the soccer field!

The kids soccer app! Fiete Soccer also makes it possible for young children to participate in soccer fever. With stadium views, logo transitions, and an evocative soundscape, we took care of that real soccer feeling, just like the big leagues!