PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor

PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor

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آیا تا بحال در تعیین دقیق مکان عکس خود مشکل داشته‌اید؟ آیا تابحال برای حفظ حریم خصوصی خود به مشکا برخورده‌اید؟ PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor اپلیکیشنی است که این مشکلات را برای شما حل خواهد کرد و به شما کمک خواهد کرد تا از حریم خصوصی خود محافظت کنید.
PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor به شما این امکان را می‌دهد تا مکان عکس خود را تغییر دهید یا اصلاح کنید. این باعث می‌شود تا بتوانید عکس‌های خود را در آیفون بر اساس مکانی که گرفته شده‌اند، مرتب کنید. قابلیت تغییر مکان عکس به شما این اجازه را می‌دهد تا از حریم خصوصی خود محافظت کنید. کار با PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor بسیار ساده است و این یکی از برتری‌های آن است. با اپلیکیشن PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor خواهید توانست حریم خصوصی خود را در شبکه‌های اجتماعی مانند اینستاگرام حفظ کنید.
قابلیت‌ها PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor:
• تغییر یا اصلاح مکان عکس
• قابلیت تغییر مکان چند عکس به صورت همزمان


"PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor" is an essential app for anyone who wants to keep their iOS Photo library organized by places where photos were taken. All photographers who store photos in their iOS Photos library and use geo-tags for systematization could be upset with lost geo-tag information due to using DSLRs or getting these photos from friends. Just add this info with our app and keep your geo-tag system in a consistent state. Also "PhotoMapper: GPS EXIF Editor" is useful for people who want to protect their personal privacy. When you share your photos on social networks or send via email, the geo location information - where the photo was taken, is shared as well. If you are concerned about your personal privacy and would like to share photos without any mark of location in EXIF metadata PhotoMapper is able to remove it. No in-app purchases, it's a universal app, which you buy once by and can use on all your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). Thanks for all feedback! Please leave a 5 star review if you are happy with PhotoMapper :)


  • Location info of your photos will be always correct and never missed - Easily add or modify location info of photos in your iOS Photo library with simple placing pin on map. Never missed this info if you use DSLR or by any other reason.

  • Prepare photos for social sharing with clear location info - Keep the original photo for you and create a copy without any mark of the GPS location info (Geotagging) in EXIF metadata for sharing with reinforce of your privacy.

  • Batch photo edition - Edit multiple photos in a few clicks the fast and easy way. Forget about single selection.

  • Find all photo with missed location info - Easily find all photos without location in one click.

  • Copy location info from one photo to another - Long press in the gallery open large preview of selected photo and "Copy Location" action. Now you can copy location to as many other photos as you wish.

HOW TO ADD OR MODIFY LOCATION INFO This action adds a new location, which will be available in iOS Photo library.

  1. Select the "Edit location" action on the first screen.
  2. Select one or multiple photos (videos) on the second screen.
  3. Set the desired location by placing pin on map.
  4. Confirm action.

HOW TO REMOVE LOCATION INFO This action keep the original photo and create duplicate copy without GPS location info, which one you can share. The EXIF metadata will be clean in this case. There is no location info of this photo in any app.

  1. Select the "Delete location" action on the first screen.
  2. Select one or multiple photos on the second screen.
  3. Confirm action.