CoPilot - Aviation Flight Planning

CoPilot - Aviation Flight Planning

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Important Note: CoPilot has been using data from EUROCONTROL to provide the worldwide waypoint database. The new fees from EUROCONTROL are four times the old fees and it is no longer viable to make CoPilot available.

Starting on September 1, 2017 the price will be reduced to zero, and on January 1, 2018 the app will be removed from the store.

In the meantime, the waypoint database will become increasingly out of date.

The aircraft database will become non-functional in mid-September 2017.

The weather server will be turned off on January 1, 2018.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

CoPilot is a multi-leg flight planning program for general aviation pilots. CoPilot performs detailed time, distance, heading, fuel, and weight & balance calculations.

A free (worldwide) online database (with over 150,000 waypoints) is consulted whenever you input a waypoint identifier. All of the waypoints in the same area as the requested waypoint are automatically downloaded so they are available for offline planning.

Weather information (wind, pressure, temperature) is automatically entered. The weather information is available everywhere in the world.

Within a few minutes you can completely plan a multi-leg trip, with detailed climb calculations and fuel planning. The weight and balance is calculated and plotted. A flight plan form is ready for when you call the FSS. On devices with a GPS, a moving map (waypoints only) or an HSI is included.

The information for multiple aircraft can be entered into the database. When you plan a flight, you select the airplane that you will use and the calculations will be performed using the information for the selected airplane.

CoPilot is very flexible. For example you can have an unlimited number of legs per flight. An aircraft can be configured with an unlimited number of weight and balance stations. Once you have planned a trip you can select different aircraft and everything will be recalculated with the new aircraft profile.

For more information, including a video overview, please visit the website.