Emblems Plus - Assistant for Destiny

Emblems Plus - Assistant for Destiny

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  • On Sale for a Limited Time! * Looking to collect the best emblems and loot for Destiny? Make playing Destiny easier with a handy cave respawn timer, loot chest locations, video guides, quiz and more!

‣‣Full sized previews of Emblem designs

‣‣Destiny Quiz! ~ Test your Destiny knowledge with an interactive quiz game

‣‣Cave Respawn Timer to maximize loot runs and efficiency

‣‣Videos about the guns, loot and strategies of Destiny

‣‣Destiny patch logs - Stay up to date with the game as it changes!

‣‣Contains all common, rare, legendary and exotic Emblems, with details on how to collect each Emblem

‣‣Contains all 5 special loot chest locations for each planet

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