dPocket Studio

dPocket Studio

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dPocket Studio is a digital audio editor featuring both a multitrack, non-destructive record/mix/edit environment.The original content is not modified in the course of editing—instead the edits themselves are edited in the Edit Mode.Edit Mode include plugins such as noise reduction, trim audio, pitch shift, echos, looper, and amplifier.


  • Record, edit and trim voice and/or instrument recordings
  • Move a track along the Timeline so that it plays at a different point in time in the mix
  • 10 independent recordable tracks
  • 16 bit, 8kHz - 192kHz audio recording and processing
  • 20 royalty free samples
  • Load your own samples or mp3s
  • Mixdown all tracks and export to WAV
  • Export and load your song/beat into FruityLoops (FL Studio), Adobe Audition or Pro Tools!
  • Send tracks via eMail

-Demo Restrictions- Recording time limit is one minute.

-Helpful Hint- In order to prevent the app from re-recording itself, It's VERY IMPORTANT to use headphones to keep the recordings clean.