Draw in 3d

Draw in 3d

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به صورت كاملاً سه بعدي و در فضايي سه بعدي نقاشي كنيد! يكي از برنامه هاي نقاشي كه به شما قابليت نقاشي با رگ هاي مختلف حول محور سه بعدي را مي دهد.


Everyone knows how to draw on paper, but only a few know how to create objects in 3d. Draw in 3d aims to close this gap by providing a unique and intuitive approach to 3d-modeling. Now drawing in 3d is just as easy as drawing on a piece of paper!


  • Easy, fast, intuitive and fun!
  • 50% more dimensions than regular drawing apps
  • Draw while spinning for amazing results
  • Share your drawing to any web-browser in full 3d
  • Supports 3d printing