Driving Rec - Car Camera Recorder

Driving Rec - Car Camera Recorder

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مونيتوري كامل براي خودروي شما كه مي توانيد اطلاعاتي همچون وضعيت آب و هوا و مكان كنوني خود را ببينيد و همينطور اين برنامه براي صرفه جويي در استفاده از حافظه ي ديوايس شما اطلاعات و تصاوير را در Cloud بك آپ مي گيرد.


This app is a multi-function driving recorder. It contains the following features:

1) This app could not only record images while driving but also record various driving data, such as driving distance, speed, acceleration, driving path, coordinates, altitude, address and driving time.

2) Weather information such as temperature, humidity, pressure, wind speed, wind direction and rainfall are also recorded by this app.

3) Users could set loop recording to save memory space.

4) Users could set “Impact Sensor”. With this option enabled, the recording will automatically start and save when it detects impaction.

5) Units (Metric or Imperial) are customizable.

6) Users could also add text or voice notes to the driving data.

7) All driving data could be exported as csv format files for post process.