Earthquake+ | Earthquakes Map, News, Alert & Info

Earthquake+ | Earthquakes Map, News, Alert & Info

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Custom Alerts and Custom Filter are now available FREE of charge!!!

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THE BEST Earthquake App in the App Store!

Reached TOP 10 in Weather Category in More Than 80 countries!

FREE push notifications for multiple locations!

===================================== Why is our app better than other apps?

We keep improving Earthquake+ all the time, so you get more and more features.

We have added many features over past 5 years and with your feedback we have made Earthquake+ THE BEST earthquake app in the world!

You can register many places of interest to receive FREE push notifications for the selected locations.

You can add locations by searching them by name on Add My Place screen or by touching and holding the map.

The only app in the App Store to display volcanic activity. Show active volcanoes by turning on this option via Menu | Map Options screen.

There is a connection between earthquakes and volcanoes, we would like our users to be aware of not only seismic, but also volcanic activity in their region.

One of a few apps to display tectonic plates boundaries (via Menu | Map Options).

See where the tectonic plates are rubbing each other - maybe this is in your backyard!

The only app in the store to show nuclear power plants (via Menu | Map Options).

Interested if there are any nuclear plants where the last earthquake hit? Check it out now!

The only app in the store to display seismic stations (via Menu | Map Options).

Want to know where the stations collecting the seismic data are? Easy with Earthquake+!

App uses many global data sources:

  • US Geological Survey (USGS),
  • European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC),
  • GeoScience Australia,
  • GeoNet (NZ),
  • Helmholtz Centre Potsdam (GFZ),
  • Natural Resources Canada (NRC),
  • British Geological Survey (BGS).

No matter what locations of interest you chose there will be an up-to-date earthquake data for you.

App supports multiple languages

If your native language is not English, but Spanish, Italian, German, Chinese, French or Russian, we have translated the app so you can navigate it with ease.

iPad support

If your have an iPad, we made our app work on larger screen for you to have a bigger map so you can see more earthquakes at once.

Seamless SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter integration

Be social - let other people know about earthquakes! You can comment on an event, share it or mark it as "Felt" to let your friends and relatives know you are OK.

Standard, Satellite and Hybrid maps

You can switch between Standard, Satellite and Hybrid maps to see where exactly the earthquake's epicentre was.

The app shows the list and the map of all noticeable (magnitude 4.0 and above) earthquakes for the whole world and of any earthquake activity for your locations of interest.

If you missed an alert you will be able to see recent earthquakes and their details.

You can customize search filter or alert settings to make the app even more useful.

If you do not want to see too many earthquakes or receive too many alerts you can easily change this.

Set custom sounds for the alerts.

You can sort the list of recent earthquakes by Date, Magnitude, Distance or Depth.

If you want to look at the strongest or the closest earthquakes for the past week - you can easily do it!

You can look at seismic activity history by changing Period End Date in Custom Filter section.

===================================== Download Earthquake+ now!!!