English Verb Conjugator

English Verb Conjugator

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یک اپلیکیشن آموزشی فوق‌العاده کاربردی و مفید برای صرف فعل‌های زبان انگلیسی همراه با ارایه مثال و کاربرد در جلمه .


View almost 2000 English verbs in 20 tenses. With simple navigation and built in search, you can find the verb you need in seconds.

Optimised for iPhone 6 & 6S. On 6S Plus, rotate device to landscape to see a split screen view.

Peek and pop (iPhone 6S & 6S Plus) - press firmly on a search result to see a preview. Press a bit harder to see the result.

Shortcut option (iPhone 6S & 6S Plus) - press firmly on the app's icon to quickly search for verbs.

Includes the ability to copy, email and print verbs.

Note: this app does not require an Internet connection. All of the data is stored locally.

● "Amazing - I just love all of his verb apps, even if you're a English speaker this will improve any other language your trying to learn!"