ForeverMap 2 - Worldwide Offline Maps and Online Maps (Americas Edition)

ForeverMap 2 - Worldwide Offline Maps and Online Maps (Americas Edition)

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نقشه ای فوق العاده کامل و کارآمد و درواقع می توان گفت یکی از کامل ترین نقشه های موجود بر روی دیوایس های اپل می باشد که به شما امکان ذخیره سازی نقشه ها به منظور استفاده بهتر امکاناتی نظیرراهنمای سفر ویکی پدیا به آن افزوده شده.


No marketing gloss, just facts now. A map with global coverage (OSM). You choose: online maps or offline maps. Entire cities or countries accessible even without Internet connection. A comprehensive travel guide. Route planning for car, pedestrian and bicycle. A variety of search functions. All (!) functions even available offline. NGx map technology. No additional costs. Get all this with ForeverMap 2. It’s one of a kind.

OK - now a bit of gloss :)

ONE GLOBAL MAP, NOT JUST A SERIES OF SMALL MAPS, ONLINE OR OFFLINE ▸ With ForeverMap 2 orientation is no longer a problem. You don't need paper maps any more. No matter where you are, no matter what journey you are on, OpenStreetMap maps are available to you everywhere. You can decide, where you want to use it online or offline. Simply download as many complete countries as you wish (ideally via a WLAN) whenever you like.

Once installed you will always have them with you, even without an Internet connection, and you'll be able to use them fully. Including every city and city map. The map remains a single unit. You never have to jump backwards and forwards between lots of maps.

NO ADDITIONAL COSTS - NOT EVEN WHEN TRAVELING ▸ You don't incur additional charges in the app for flat rates, map packs or anything else. And of course, once the maps are installed you never have to worry about network quality or data reception. What's more, you avoid the high costs of data roaming when you are abroad.

FOREVERMAP 2 CONTAINS A COMPREHENSIVE TRAVEL GUIDE - AT NO EXTRA COST ▸ ForeverMap 2 does also contain a comprehensive travel guide, which provides you with interesting information on thousands of destinations around the world.

Naturally, this useful feature comes at no extra cost. Equally naturally, you can simply download the articles that are most interesting to you in order to have them available anywhere and at all times.

NGX TECHNOLOGY - TOP QUALITY GRAPHICS, ROUTE CALCULATION, A VARIETY OF MAP DISPLAYS AND NO OFFLINE HALF-MEASURES ▸ ForeverMap 2 is the first app to contain the totally new NGx technology. So you get maps that look cool and that have an unrivaled capacity to move around easily, zoom, rotate... Simply type a little longer on the map in order to interact with individual locations on the map. You will never experience blurry displays or unnecessary blank map download frames.

What you'll get instead is a variety of map styles (e,g night, outdoor) and route planning for cars, pedestrians and cyclists (note: ForeverMap is not a navigation app). And there's something that you'll not find anywhere else: you can use all the functions both online and offline (in installed map areas).

FEATURES ▸ Completely interactive OpenStreetMap map ▸ A single map covering the entire world ▸ Full functionality with and (after Installation) without Internet connection (online and offline) ▸ Entire countries incl. their city maps can be installed (WLAN recommended) ▸ Free map updates ▸ Powerful map technology (NGx) ▸ Route planner (car, pedestrian, bicycle) ▸ Variety of map styles (e.g. night, outdoor) ▸ Variety of search options ▸ IdeaLog for feedback to the developers ▸ Easy-to-use favorite lists ▸ Optional synchronization of favorites with web portal

ForeverMap 2 is the perfect companion when you are traveling or on a journey. Regardless of where you are. You get maps just as you need and wish to receive them.

The app uses maps supplied by the excellent OpenStreetMap ( Experience for yourself what over a million mapping enthusiasts worldwide have now made possible with OpenStreetMap.