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English Spanish Dictionary - General

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این برنامه، یک دیکشنری آفلاین بی‌نظیر انگلیسی به اسپانیایی‌ست.
اگر شما هم در حال یادگیری زبان اسپانیایی هستید، حتما از این دیکشنری استفاده‌ی بسیار دارید.
در این دیکشنری می‌توانیم بیش از ۵۲۴،۰۰۰ ترجمه، ۵۵۸،۰۰۰ مترادف، ۹۸،۰۰۰ معنا و ۴۰،۰۰۰ مثال پیدا کنیم.
اما جالب‌تر از همه‌ی این‌ها، دیکشنری مقابلمان امکانات صوتی و ضرب‌المثل‌ها را هم پشتیبانی می‌کند.
همه‌ی این‌ها در کنار هم این دیکشنری را تبدیل به یکی از کامل‌ترین دیکشنری‌های اسپانیایی انگلیسی برای آی‌فون می‌کند.
این برنامه‌ی ۱۰ دلاری اپ‌استور، با حساب کاربری ویژه‌ی سیب‌اپ، رایگان است.


WORKS OFFLINE With over 718,000 entries, 524,000 translations, 558,000 synonyms, 98,000 definitions and 40,000 examples, voice feature and a huge collection of idiomatic expressions in both languages, this is the best Spanish to English and English to Spanish Dictionary App you can find.

Recommended in the Store. Bilingual voice options for regional pronunciation and easy-to-follow verb conjugations create an interactive learning experience. Definitions and added examples are included in both languages and all terminology shows detailed classification, making gender, noun type or parts of speech easy to identify. Internet connection needed only for voices, images and spell-check.

Unique Features: • Conjugation of Spanish and English verbs, all persons & tenses. Even the Spanish VOS conjugation is included. • 2 million+ Spanish conjugated verbal forms fully identifiable as dictionary entries, plus another two million plurals and feminines of nouns impeccably inflected in Spanish with their exact equivalencies in English • Enabled Search for plurals, feminine forms and verb conjugations. • Natural-sounding voices for entries, definitions and examples in both languages (British and American English, European and American Spanish) • Covers International, European, Latin American and Mexican Spanish. • Covers American and British English. • IPA Phonetic transcription for American and British English. (Optional In-App purchase) • IPA Phonetic transcription for American Spanish, Caribbean Spanish, River Plate Spanish and Spanish from Spain. (Optional In-App purchase) • Intelligent Word List Display: identifies multiple forms of plural and feminine as well as Spanish verb conjugations (even with a misplaced or a missing accent). • Identically spelled words in both languages are displayed twice in the List (each with a flag). • Fuzzy Search: Detects misspelled words simultaneously in English and Spanish, offering close suggestions. • Innovative “Scan Function” for conceptual search of idioms and related phrases. • 40,000+ Phrasal Examples cross-linked to 200,000+ phrases & their translations (Optional In-App purchase) • 40,000+ famous quotes in both languages. Linked to root words. • Optional display of syllable separation (Spanish words). • Delete all favorite words with one button • Shake for random word. • Share via Facebook and Twitter. • Search History - share by email. • Mark Favorite Words easily. • Dropbox - Sync your favorites among your devices. • Customize using available themes and fonts.


  • Translations, Definitions, Synonyms, Antonyms, Pictures, Examples and Quotes
  • Clear-cut separation of meanings, identified with WM’s “Descriptive Tags”
  • Part of Speech and other grammar attributes: Noun, Verb, Adj, etc.
  • Noun type classification: Concrete, Abstract, Animate, Animal, etc.
  • Color Code icon indicates word usage: Easy, Normal, Difficult or Technical
  • Field Classification, indicates area of usage: Zoology, Chemistry, etc. - Idiomatic Use tags: Idiomatic, Slang, Figurative, Formal, Inf., etc.
  • Colloquial words indicated with flag icon of each country
  • On/Off display of slang, foreign or offensive words. Default ON.
  • More than 55,000 color pictures help identify word meanings and context.


  • 1,332 fish names & their translations
  • 1,917 names of foods and dishes around the world & translations
  • 8,248 names of famous historic characters
  • 13,100 famous people of today in arts, movies, sports, politics, etc
  • 10,672 geographical names, cites, countries, nationalities, etc.
  • 4,255 names of largest corporations in the US and Europe
  • 3,322 names of largest universities in the US and Europe
  • 24,000 + bird names in English, Spanish and Latin. (as separate In-App purchase)
  • 4,500 + new difficult words (as separate In-App purchase)

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