Go Fitness - Exercises and Workouts, Trainer and Journal

Go Fitness - Exercises and Workouts, Trainer and Journal

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برنامه ای که قرار است جای مربی شخصی شما را بگیرد و به شما کمک کند تا وزن کم کنید. این برنامه دارای تصاویری است که به صورت کاملا واضح حرکات ورزشی را به شما آموزش می دهد تا به صحیح ترین شکل ممکن آن ها را انجام دهید.


Build your new body, starting today!

Go Fitness is here to guide you and help you in building your core strength, lose body weight and improve your performances.

Go Fitness is the most reliable and user friendly application. Not only it is going to replace your traditional coach but also will let you track your performances in a simple way in order to make precise analyses about your workout.

Key Features:

  • Exercises for each muscle groups;
  • Exercises for home and gym;
  • Detailed description for each exercise;
  • High quality photo and video guidance;
  • Images of involved muscles for each exercise;
  • Pre-set workouts specific to your goals;
  • Ability to add your own workout with your custom exercises;
  • Built-in Journal for your workouts, for sets, reps and weights;
  • Built-in timer and calendar;
  • History of all your data with interactive graphs of your performance;
  • Fastest support;
  • Frequent updates;

Start a new healthy life today with Go Fitness! For more questions or suggestions, please contact us.