GOLF Fix Finder

GOLF Fix Finder

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The fix is in!

From the editors of GOLF comes the game’s most intuitive and authoritative game-improvement tool. The Fix Finder quickly diagnoses whatever ails your game – sliced tee shots, topped irons, pushed putts, you name it – and then eliminates those weaknesses with expert advice from GOLF’s Top 100 Teachers.

The Fix Finder app delivers…

  • Easy-to-follow instructional videos from GOLF's Top 100 Teachers
  • Perceptive fault-diagnosing technology
  • Concise instructional videos and drills covering driving, putting, irons, bunker play and more
  • “My Lessons” library where you can save your favorite tips, drills and videos for offline viewing
  • Ability to share tips with your golf buddies through Facebook, Twitter and email
  • A “Golf 101” glossary that helps beginners with swing lingo

Wherever you are – on the tee, in the sand, or on the green – the Fix Finder has you covered. What are you waiting for? Start saving strokes now.