GOFIT - Reshape body

GOFIT - Reshape body

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اين برنامه ساخته شده تا كاربران شبكه هاي اجتماعي بدون اينكه آگاهي از كار با فتوشاپ داشته باشند بتوانند تصاوير خود را اديت كنند. برنامه اي كه يك فتوشاپ حرفه اي را در عين سادگي به ديوايس شما مي آورد و مي توانيد عضلات خود ، صورت و ديگر اندام هايتان را بدون ورزش شكل دهيد!


Motivate yourself for bodybuilding. Reshape your body and see results. Look slim, fit and muscular on your photos. Use GoFit to make impressive photos and perfect selfies. Impress everyone on Instagram. Get matches on Tinder. GoFit has authentic features:

  • GoSlim - Make yourself slim

  • GoMuscles - Enlarge your muscles

  • GoBelly - Reduce your belly

  • GoTall - Look taller on your photos.

  • GoNose - Lift your nose

  • GoTan - Get suntan

  • GoFx - Special filters

  • Crop - Crop photos easily

  • Rotate - Rotate & flip photos

You can have bigger biceps and broad shoulders. You can make yourself look muscular and athletic on your photos.

Gained few pounds recently? Reduce your belly.

Does your nose look bigger because of wrong light? You can lift and make your nose smaller.

Get tanned and have bronze skin with one tap.

Add special FX to polish your perfect selfie.

Impress everyone on social networks with your amazing photos.

You can use GoFit both on your iPhone and iPad.