GymReco - 250 Workouts Recorder Best for Watch

GymReco - 250 Workouts Recorder Best for Watch

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GymReco - 250 Workout Recorder Optimized for Apple Watch

【Overview】 GymReco is the workout recorder. Create the list of your favorite from 250 types of workouts. Then start your workout, exercise or diet.

You will find your best workout menus not only at fitness gym but also at home. You can find a lot of workout items, with special machine in the fitness gym, with no equipment at your home, with barbells, dumbbells, cables, and so on...

【Easy to find】 Is it hard to find the workout which I really want? No. GymReco prepares very kind search selections. ・Workout name (ex: Stationary bike) ・Body region (ex: Hip) ・Target primary muscle (ex: Abdominals) ・Equipment (ex: Dumbbell) ・Fat burn (Treadmill)

【What is Score?】 Most of legacy workout apps record "weight" and "times". GymReco also records the calculated score like 50kg x 20times = 1000. You may feel it is not equal 5kg x 200times and 50kg x 20times as the body reinforcement point of view even if both scores are 1000. However, the score is still useful for calculating total amount of workout in a day, when you add or remove weight plate for taking care of your health condition. Please refer to the support site for the detail score calculation formula like treadmill which also has "level".

【Preparation: Make your favorite workout list (Apple Watch, iPhone)】 To avoid selecting one workout from 250 items every time, it is better to make your favorite workout list at first. Go to Select tab and find your favorite workouts. Once workout image is tapped, add to workout list (blue highlight). Tap again to remove from list.

【Action: Let's start workout - 2 steps - Select, Record】

  1. Select workout (Apple Watch, iPhone). Choose workout from created workout list at Select tab. There are useful search queries in addition to general queries. ・No record today ・Lower score than the previous ・L/R scores are not same

  2. Record workout (Apple Watch, iPhone). You will entire a few necessary parameters from 6 by workout characteristics. ・Weight ・Left or Right ・Times ・Level ・Minutes ・Speed For example, Times for Back extension, Level, Minutes and Speed for Treadmill. Input value will be stored after record, so you don't need to remember last value. If a workout is L/R independent type, L/R will be switched after record.

【Remind: Confirm workout results in the graph (iPhone)】 X axis : Daily, Weekly, Monthly Y axis : Score, Times, Minutes. Log scale is supported for wide range values. Let's try hard to keep growing or flat graph to keep your strength! (Please take care of yourself from damaging your body...)

【Apple Watch fully supported!】 GymReco is not a halfway Watch app like showing tiny pick up information in the iPhone.

GymReco is designed for active recording of workout result. User interface is well thought. Let's wear Apple Watch and hit the Gym!

Store music in Apple Watch, wear bluetooth earphone and put iPhone in the locker room. How light it is!

【For Diet, Save from Metabolic syndrome and Apoplectic Stroke】 Increase BMR (Basal Metabolism Rate). Burn the fat. Stop Arteriosclerosis.

Eating dietary food is still not enough solution.

【Hello 40's】 It is strongly recommended to do the blood test, MRI scan to track your body condition before you are killed or critical damaged by Apoplectic Stroke. If your salary supports your family, please imagine if you resign job by a fatal disease and becomes no salary. Your company will not keep you for a longtime. No work, No pay. Harsh reality is waiting for you. It is not in other people's affairs.

Now is the chance to start workout. Not only for you, but also for your loving family.

GymReco encourages your happy healthy life.

【Terms of Service】

  1. Developer of this app does not take any responsibility for accident, injured, loss, and so on.
  2. Your use of this application is at your sole risk.
  3. Any services related this app may be stopped by unavoidable circumstances.
  4. App price may change without any notification.