Heart Rate List GOLD

Heart Rate List GOLD

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We are very excited to support this app on the brand new Apple Watch!

Controlling your own state of health is very important in our world. Especially, for those, who don't maintain healthy way of living. Heart Rate List GOLD will help you to track your blood pressure, pulse and statistics of health. Heart Rate List is very convenient to write down your records directly on your device, so you can keep track of the dynamics.

People with hypertension can't afford the luxury of not knowing the trend of their blood pressure. With a convenient interface you can observe the changes and compare statistics. This application will be useful for old people, for athletes and others. If you do a lot of different activities - don't worry, Heart Rate List GOLD will keep all information safe! Just enter your top and low pressure, pulse and it will show you how normal is your condition.

Heart Rate List GOLD features:

  • opportunity to control your blood pressure;
  • calculates pulse orientating on blood pressure;
  • tracks statistics;
  • convenient interface is very intuitive for old people
  • supports Apple Watch

Control your heart health with supplied Heart Rate List GOLD!