iCountTimer Pro

iCountTimer Pro

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اگر فعالیت های ورزشی لنجام می دهید یا به ورزش هایی مانند یوگا علاقه دارید یک تایمر و شمارنده ی حرفه بسیار در به خاطر داشتن و شمارش حرکات و زمان ورزش به شما کمک خواهد کرد که این برنامه همه ی این قابلیت ها را دارد.


Workout timer & counter which is simple, practical and classy.

Whether it's interval training, yoga, home workouts, sports, strength training, HIIT or other fitness requirements, this app can easily fit in and accelerate your progress. Time your repetitions, forget the count and focus on your moves.

A must-have app for exercise enthusiasts, athletes, trainers, coaches and all the fitness freaks who are passionate about exercising.

Features: • Timer + Counter combined together • Save timers/counters as presets organised by activities • Large clear display with progress bar • Audio cues • Smart lock to lock timer screen

Pro version features: • Apple Watch app

  • Simple Counter and Timer for quick access
  • Presets from the iPhone app are available in Apple Watch app organised by activities
  • Complications on watch face show time left for the workout
  • Note: Apple Watch app requires paired iPhone to run

• No Ads • Extended slider limits, • Input custom values • Save upto 40 presets • 5 different themes • Various choices for alert sounds • Different counter modes • Custom start delay • Calories estimation** • Health app integration • Today widget in Notification Center


  • Health app is not available on iPad

** The estimated calories are approximate Calories burned for any selected activity based on the MET (Metabolic Equivalent) values for the activity and personal details of individual. Actual energy expenditure may vary.