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Are you a parent with tweens, teens and/or aging parents? Do you worry about where your loved ones are are right now?

iFynder can help put your mind at ease by providing their precise location. iFynder is an easy to use, intuitive app that provides an accurate location of your family and friends in near real-time. Additionally, iFynder allows them to alert e911 and you with the click of a single button.

Are you meeting up with your family or close friends? Are you coordinating with friends to meet somewhere?

iFynder provides you the location of your friends and family on your private and secure iFynder map. What’s more, the app is easy to use and intuitive. No learning curve - period.

• In near real-time, iFynder lets you precisely locate your family and friends.

• When friends and family are scattered around, it can be challenging and time consuming to find a central meeting place. Since iFynder lets you know where people are in near real time, it simplifies event planning and coordination.

• iFynder is able to alert parents, guardians and law enforcement agencies in the event of an emergency. Location data is stored on a secure cloud server and can be accessed from a mobile device or a computer. • Conventional locator apps track your family’s Apple devices only if they are associated with the same Apple or iTunes ID. iFynder’s superior technology takes it a step further by providing the location of the authorized Apple devices within a few feet using Wi-Fi enhanced accuracy.

iFynder Features:

• Lets you locate family and friends in real time • Creates family and friend communities • Shares your location via social media • Stores historical location data

Find whom you’ve been missing….

Download the application and simplify keeping track of friends and family. Find everyone in your private, secure iFynder map.

Please find our Terms & Conditions - http://ifynder.com/terms-conditions/ & Privacy Policy - http://ifynder.com/privacy-policy/

Disclaimer: iFynder uses GPS for location tracking. Continued use of the GPS can dramatically reduce battery life.

www.ifynder.com for more information.