Intro to Cursive, by Montessorium

Intro to Cursive, by Montessorium

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برنامه ای بسیار عالی برای آن هایی که می خواهند دست خط انگلیسی خود را زیبا کنند و سر هم نویسی حروف را بیاموزند. برنامه به شما چگونگی درست نوشتن حروف را می آموزد.


When the world literally writes off cursive, we build an app dedicated solely to the art of teaching handwriting. Featured on!

  • Learn to trace, read and write letter sounds, names and phonograms, in cursive.



  • Basic foundations of language, with an emphasis on cursive
  • To read, write and understand letters from a-z
  • Lowercase letter symbols and their sounds (phonics)
  • Phonograms - writing and pronunciation
  • Uppercase letters - letter names, writing and pronunciation
  • Consonants and vowels
  • Fine motor skills

Intro to Cursive includes the following activities in a Universal app that will work on iPad, iPhone, iPhone5, and iPod Touch:


  • LETTER SOUNDS (Lowercase Letters) Learn the sounds of the letters, in a series of guided, interactive exercises. With an emphasis on phonetics, instead of letter names, your child will trace and select the letters.

  • LETTER NAMES (Uppercase Letters) The objective of this activity is to acquire a knowledge of the names and symbols of the capital letters.

  • PRACTICE (Lowercase, Uppercase, and Phonograms) A special section designed specifically to help your child practice both their lowercase and uppercase letters one letter at a time.

  • SANDBOX After tracing the letters through guided instruction, take your turn at free form writing.

Use the sandbox to practice free form writing. Challenge your child's recall by having them draw letters that appear briefly, then dissolve in the sand.


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