Italian Verb Conjugator - 500 verbs

Italian Verb Conjugator - 500 verbs

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یک دیکشنری تقریبا کامل برای زبان ایتالیایی که دارای بیش از 500 لغت در 18 زمان مختلف است. این برنامه تبلیغ درون برنامه ای ندارد و ظاهری بسیار ساده دارد که باعث راحتی کار با این برنامه شده.


View over 500 Italian verbs in 18 tenses. With simple navigation and built in search, you can find the verb you need in seconds.

Optimised for iPhone 6 Plus - rotate device to landscape to see a split screen view.

Peek and pop (iPhone 6S & 6S Plus) - press firmly on a search result to see a preview. Press a bit harder to see the result.

Shortcut option (iPhone 6S & 6S Plus) - press firmly on the app's icon to quickly search for verbs.

Export - can now export to other apps (e.g. send to Dropbox). Includes the ability to copy, email and print verbs.

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Note: this app does not require an Internet connection. All of the data is stored locally.