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نرم افزار های زیادی در مورد خبر رسانی وجود دارند که بهترینشان همان نرم افزار news خود ios است اما این نرم افزار نیز ادعا می کند که می تواند اخبار را از موضوعات متنوع جمع آوری نماید و آنها را در دسترس شما قرار دهد .


Previously featured as "New Apps We Love", Lumi News is the AI powered news app that keeps you up to date on what matters to you.

Lumi uses powerful data science to curate a personalized news magazine full of the latest news stories just for you. It learns your interests while you’re reading to get you to the good stuff faster.

Lumi sources from all major news publishers as well as indie blogs, and covers a smart selection of every topic from trending and breaking to your special interest news.

Lumi's AI finds the most important updates across all new stories happening every day and only shows you the most relevant ones.

Perfect for a busy lifestyle and for wanting to stay on top of things without too much hassle as well as for a long read on the sofa.

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