Luxe: On Demand Valet Parking & Car Services

Luxe: On Demand Valet Parking & Car Services

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Luxe is an app that makes affordable and safe valet parking available anytime you’re out. Our vetted and trained Valets park your car in secure parking garages or private parking lots nearby, and return your car to you whenever you want it back!

Created by a team of former Google, Tesla and Zynga leaders, Luxe is the best valet service for your mobile device and is already used daily across the United States.

Currently available in San Francisco, New York, and Chicago, Luxe is perfect for commutes to work, residential parking, and special nights out.

How Luxe Works: • Before you start driving, enter your destination in the Luxe app. • A Luxe Valet will meet you at your destination as you arrive and collect your car from you. • The Valet will park your car in one of our secure locations. • Our Valets will even fill your gas tank or get your car washed. • Once you’re ready to go, we return your car back to you, wherever you are!

With our $5M insurance policy, your car is always safe with Luxe. We conduct comprehensive background checks on all Valets before they are on-boarded.

NEW Luxe Garages are now available in SF and Chicago. Experience a lower-priced, guaranteed way to park with Luxe!

"My favorite service is Luxe. A marvel of the logistics only possible in a smartphone world, Luxe uses GPS to offer a personal parking valet. It’s magical."

  • The Wall Street Journal

"Every few years, I come across a new tech service that completely upends how I navigate urban life…a new company that has instantly solved one of the most soul-destroying hardships of living or working in San Francisco: parking. The company is called Luxe."

  • The New York Times

Stop circling the block. Download today and park your car with Luxe. Even better, your first two parks are free!

Note: Continued use of background GPS usage can decrease battery life. Luxe only uses GPS during an active reservation.