Makeup Expiration App - Countdown Timer

Makeup Expiration App - Countdown Timer

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Do you want to prevent dangerous bacteria? This amazing app will help you!

Expired makeup product are dangerous and this app will help you keep track of your cosmetics.

  • Unlimited product listings
  • Suggested expiration for all the products in your vanity
  • Alarm notification upon deadline
  • Set custom deadlines
  • Personal customization

--- This app also enables you to keep track of your entire vanity ---

Though many people may be unaware of it, all cosmetics have a shelf life and will eventually expire. Since makeup is constantly coming in contact with your skin, be it through fingers, sponges, or brushes, bacteria is constantly being transferred back into your makeup products. Eventually bacteria will start to break down the product at which point it’s time to toss it. Using makeup that is past its expiration dates means that you’re applying products containing harmful bacteria and can result in irritation, rashes, blemishes and various skin or eye infections

The shelf life of each product varies due to its composition.  Products containing water such as liquid foundations and concealer have the shortest shelf life since water encourages bacterial growth.  Additionally products that are constantly coming in contact with your eyes will typically expire quicker than others since bacteria from the eye area gets transferred into the product with each use.  

It is important to note that this app WILL NOT guarantee the safety of your makeup. The suggested expiration times that are listed on this app are based on the advice of the makeup experts who we consulted and are not scientific or medically approved. To get the exact time for the expiration, contact the company of each product.

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