Monster Coloring Book

Monster Coloring Book

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Monster Coloring Book مثل نقاشی با دست بدون خرابکاری است. هر کسی رنگ کردن با مداد رنگی و شمعی دوست دارد، اما گاهی اوقات کار خیلی زیاد یا فضای کافی نیست. با کتاب رنگ آمیزی هیولا همه‌ی لذت و هیجان یک رنگ‌آمیزی و پاک کردن ساده‌ را در لمس صفحه با انگشتانتان خواهید داشت.


Monster Coloring Book is like fingerpainting without the mess!

Everyone loves to break out the paints, markers and crayons for an intense coloring session but sometimes it's just too much work or there is not enough space get the idea. With Monster Coloring Book you get all the fun at the touch of your fingers. Clean up is simple and the coloring is just as fun.


There are over a hundred monsters to color, stickers to decorate them and patterns to make them unique. With so many monsters to color and so many different ways to do it, this app will chase boredom away for hours.

• 175 Monsters to color • Stickers to accessorize your monsters • Patterns to make your monsters unique • Touch & fill OR paint with your fingers, whichever you like! • Email your monsters to your friends • Print your monster to Airprint enabled printers • Save photos to your device photo library

All app content is now unlocked.


Introduce your kids to classical music pieces by several composers.

• Rachmaninov • Bach • Beethoven • Brahms

Or listen to whatever music you like.
Monster Coloring Book now includes support for iPod music playback.


Design your monster images, save them to your gallery, and with one tap export your very own customized puzzles for use with Monster Puzzles. You can create up to 25 of your own jigsaw puzzles!


"Monster Coloring Book is so adorable that I had a hard time putting it down....definitely an app to have on your iPad for kids of all ages. *****"

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"...a time machine for kids of all ages around the world."


"Monsters and coloring are pretty much the definition of fun if you ask me. Great to distract the kiddos on your next road trip, I know my nephews would dig this. Nice illustration work, lot’s of fun colors and tools as well…"


"...a super cute new iPhone/iPad app for kids (and some of us grownups). Love this."

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"Forget the kids! This is an amazing creative outlet for all of us! There are hundreds of monsters to colour and decorate with options like patterns, backgrounds and stickers. You will never be bored again…"


"An amazing and cute iOS coloring game."


"I've bought a TON of coloring apps since getting my ipad 2 back in May. But, this one is the best one I've found so far! "

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Still not convinced? Here are some of the accolades Monster Coloring Book has received: App of the Day Named What's Hot by Apple Top 10 Educational Game in the US #1 iPad Educational Game in the UK FWA Mobile of the Day Award

Optimized for iPad, iPhone and iPhone 5.

A perfect rainy day app for artists, monster-lovers, and kids of all ages.

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