Tayasui Memopad - Draw, share, its done!

Tayasui Memopad - Draw, share, its done!

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این برنامه، سریع‌ترین و آسان‌ترین نوت‌‌پد برای نقاشی‌ست. برنامه را باز می‌کنیم، نقاشی می‌کشیم و آن را به‌اشتراک می‌گذاریم. به‌همین سادگی! در این برنامه یک صفحه‌ی سفید وجود دارد و تمام ابزار و رنگ‌هایی که برای نقاشی لازم است با یک ضربه در اختیارمان است. با این برنامه‌ی مینیمال لذت نقاشی را تجربه کنیم. برای استفاده از تمامی امکانات اپلیکیشن نیاز به پرداخت در آیتیونز دارد.


Memopad is one simple idea: make the simplest and fastest drawing notepad possible. Our motto : open, draw, share, it's done! It’s quick to open, easy to draw, fast to share. The app always opens to a blank canvas ready to draw. All the tools, colors, and share options are one tap away. Your drawing is automatically copied and ready to be paste whenever you exit the app. Everything is fast. Really fast! Yet Memopad is also gorgeous to look at in its minimalist way, and carefully animated. We tirelessly polished the user experience with dozens of animations to make it a joy to use daily. And we tested it for weeks with experienced artists to perfect it. The user interface has been designed to scale very nicely from the iPhone 4 to 6+ to iPad, offering the same look and feel on every device.

Features: • 12 highly realistic tools • Automatically saves to Photo Library • Automatically copies the drawing to paste into other apps • Super fast Share menu • Quickly imports a photo as a background • Minimalist yet gorgeous interface • Powerful and advanced features

Tools: Pencil Pen Watercolor Paint bucket Paint area Pastel Marker Paint pen Pixel

Basic Share: Mail, Facebook, Twitter.

Pro Tools (with Pro in-app purchase): Text Shapes Cutter India Ink Acrylic paintbrush Ruler Edit Tip Size and opacity