MosaLingua TOEIC® English Test: improve your score

MosaLingua TOEIC® English Test: improve your score

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Do you want the best score possible on the TOEIC® exam? Take advantage of the effectiveness offered by the MosaLingua method! Quickly learn the correct vocabulary required to pass this English exam! And with our tips and advice, arrive calmer and more prepared on D-Day, approaching the TOEIC® with confidence.

Mastering advanced English vocabulary is one of the keys to success on the TOEIC® exam. MosaLingua's TOEIC® app will allow you to quickly memorize the words which appear most frequently on the reading, writing and listening sections. They even help you on the speaking section so you can get the best score possible on the TOEIC® exam!

TOTAL IMMERSION WITH AN APPLICATION ENTIRELY IN ENGLISH Learn the words by their synonyms and definitions, and then understand how to use them thanks to the example sentences.

It's useful even if you don't need to take the TOEIC®; you can boost your level of English in order to reach your best level of English yet!

Made by the MosaLingua team, this language skills application will help you learn vocabulary quickly and effectively. Read the app's numerous testimonies and comments on our site, And check out what people think of our other applications on the app store in order to understand our RESULTS and ATTAINABLE PROGRESS.

The MosaLingua TOEIC® VocabularyTrainer includes:

  • More than 2,000 advanced-level words (carefully chosen after an analysis of the exam's official corpus and the frequency with which words occurred on past exams)
  • Each word comes with synonyms or a definition, plus an example sentence to show you how its proper written and spoken usage
  • Listen to the correct pronunciation recorded by native speakers
  • Tips and advice straight from the MosaLingua team to help you pass the TOEIC® stress free!
  • A monolingual mode allowing for the best immersion possible!


  • LISTENING:Improve your oral comprehension to respond to each and every question with certainty
  • PRACTICE: Learn the correct meanings and pronunciations to use during the READING and
  • SPEAKING sections
  • WRITING: Naturally learn correct spelling to be calmer during the test
  • SELF-EVALUATION and REVIEW : Memorize vocabulary targeted for the TOEIC® and never forget them thanks to periodically offered review sessions.

ADD YOUR OWN CONTENT TO THE APP We aren't finished yet! If you come across words of phrases that seem useful, you can easily add them into the app and then memorize them with MosaLingua's ultra-effective spaced repetition system.

Team up with a powerful ally to help you prepare for the TOEIC® exam. Download the MosaLingua TOEIC® Vocabulary Trainer now!

DISCLAIMER TOEIC® is a registered trademark of Educational Testing Service (ETS) in the United States and other countries. This app is not endorsed or approved by ETS.