MultiEDR - multi functional vehicle camera with full time and shock sensing recording.

MultiEDR - multi functional vehicle camera with full time and shock sensing recording.

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MultiEDR is a Event Data Recorder App that starts recording by sensing a shock and records for 1 minute both before and after a shock. It saves on speed, distance and route during driving. It is useful for checking the date and driving conditions in the event of an accident.

Feature1. Records before and after shock!

MultiEDR can sense the shock during the drive by using the acceleration sensor of iPhone, and record both one minute before and after the shock.

*If recording fails to start during shock, it can be started manually on Emergency Mode.

Feature2. Design!

MultiEDR was developed by leading professional designer of automotive display device. Display layout makes it easy to understand functions, and simple design allows a good field of view to ensure safe driving.

Feature3. Shows Twitter!

MultiEDR can get timeline of your account and shows tweets one by one. (iOS5.0 is required when using Twitter.)

*Do not use Twitter function when driving.

Feature4. Auto screen OFF (Eco mode)!

When display is not touched for a period of time, it automatically shuts off screen, thereby decreasing battery consumption.

  • Movie Quality(Size) : Movie size of 1 hour.
  • Highest Quality : About 9.0 GB
  • High Quality1 (1280x720) : About 4.5 GB
  • High Quality2 (640x480) : About 1.5 GB
  • Middle Quality (480x360) : About 0.3 GB
  • Low Quality  (192x144) : About 0.06 GB *For long recording, we recommend middle quality.

[Function List] +++ Records Function

  • Automatic Records by sensing the shock.
  • Manual Recording (Continuous)
  • Emergency mode
  • Can select Video Quality High/Medium/Low
  • Can take and save pictures.
  • Recording audio
  • Auto screen OFF
  • Stops recording automatically when free space of Disk is 1GB and less.
  • Stops recording automatically when the power is 10% or less.

+++ Display items

  • Tweet
  • Map(showing route)
  • Speed Meter
  • Recording time
  • Driving distance

+++ Save Info

  • Video

  • Pictures

  • Recording Date

  • Video Size

  • Driving Route, Time, Distance

  • Average Speed, Maximum Speed

  • Value of the shock and speed of time for device to sense shock

  • Caution!! *

  • Recording performance may be impaired in some environments or conditions.

  • This application consumes considerable power, particularly for obtaining location information, so connection with a charge cable is recommended during use.

  • Due to the simultaneous operation of process ( video recording, obtaining location,etc.) device may heat up.

  • When a call or mail received, recording is stopped and saved automatically.

  • Navigation can be used by device of iPhone4 or higher.

  • You are responsible for your own road safety when using this device while driving.Our company does not assume responsibility for accidents caused by its operation while driving.

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