Music Healing | Voice

Music Healing | Voice

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  • No other sense has the impact of sound. What you hear can change the way you sleep, wake up and think. Change what you hear and notice a change in everything else.

  • Hundreds of Thousands of iPhone users have relaxed to music from The Music Healing App series. Now, enjoy a Brand New Collection of Music + Vocal Performances and Hi Resolution Beautiful imagery!

"Research has shown that music has a profound effect on your body and psyche."


Use Music Healing when you are in stressful and intense situations or just need to relax and get away.

  • Features Tons of soothing Musical Pieces

  • Beautiful Imagery that Fades in and out for a Visual Escape.

  • A Sleep Timer Fades Music after the time of Your choice.

  • This App Has to be Seen and Heard in action so buy Now and enjoy!

  • XME Has Written and Produced for

⁃ India.Arie ⁃ "There's Hope" ⁃ "Private Party" ⁃ "Just For Today" ⁃ "She Is" (Film-score for "Iron Ladies") ⁃ "Grains"

⁃ Anthony David ⁃ "Words" (Nominated for a Grammy)

⁃ Cekoya - From BET's Sunday Best ⁃ "You" ⁃ "It's Me" ⁃ "I" feat. Matthew Johnson

⁃and Now "Music Healing" software exclusively for you