MusicalMe Instruments Air Guitar

MusicalMe Instruments Air Guitar

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Air Guitar! Be the rock star you always wanted to be. Choose from twelve guitar sounds and your phone becomes that guitar!

Once you've chosen a sound, turn on the play switch and by tilting your phone up or down in portrait mode, it will play scales and chords. You can truly play the guitar without any musical knowledge.

Want more? You can choose the key to "play" in, or the scale. You can even arpeggiate chords in any of the keys, with dozens of chord choices. Even shake the phone and you'll sound like a pro rock star on the stage!

Or even get together with friends and jam out!

Guitars include:

  • 70's electric guitar
  • Spy guitar
  • Jazz guitar
  • Strat marshall
  • Bright lead
  • lead guitar
  • rock lead
  • plucked electric

And for the lighter touch:

  • Classical guitar
  • Zen guitar
  • Nylon guitar
  • Muted guitar

Get MusicalMe Instruments Air Guitar and rock on!