MX Video Player-HD Video Player

MX Video Player-HD Video Player

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MX video player یکی از بهترین راه‌های لذت بردن از فیلم‌ها و ویدئو کلیپ‌ها روی دستگاه‌های اپلیمان است.
این برنامه‌ که یکی از بهترین‌های اپ‌استور به حساب می‌آید به ما کمک می‌کند که بیشتر فرمت‌های ویدئویی را روی دستگاهمان اجرا کنیم.


MX Video Player- HD Video Player For iPhone, iPad devices Play Movies & Streaming. Enjoy Seamless Video Watching Experience. Download Free Video Player For iPhone, iPad, iPad mini devices

MX Video Player have more than 4 million downloads across the globe.

MX Video Player is free and the best player for people who loves melodious sound and videos. It encompasses elegant designs and compatible with IOS devices. This player supports approx all of types of formats of video files such as MP4, MP3, MOV, Ogg, WAV, FLAC , TS , M2TS , Wv ßAAC etc. Don’t explore much more for high quality HD video player for your device." MX Video Player is the best option for you. Download it free now!!

Supports only for IOS version 9.0 onwards.So Hurry Up...... its Free

Salient Features

  1. Eye-catching, colour based themes to play.
  2. Floating screen to play videos on mobile.
  3. Quick start and non-stop live streaming.
  4. Experience smooth Slow and Fast-forward video speed option.
  5. Black & While options is available for running Videos.
  6. Play melodious videos in night mode.
  7. Change languages as per choice.
  8. Filters to Categorise video categories such as Auto & Vehicles, Sports, Film & Animation, Music and others.
  9. Enjoy cutter with player.
  10. Repeat, Shuffle and recently viewed videos playback.
  11. Smoother playback in full screen.
  12. Swipe across the screen to change volume.
  13. Filter to move the most loved videos in to Favourite. Hence, “MX Video Player”is the only player that encompasses excellent features. So, don’t miss a chance. Download it free now. Rate and Comment on Us! We would like to hear about your experiences.

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