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يكي از ابزار هاي كار آمد نقشه خواني براي ديوايس هاي اپل. مي توانيد مكان ها را جستجو كنيد و از اطلاعات مكان هاي مختلف با خبر شويد و حتي از فاصله ي ميان مكان ها و خيابان ها با خبر شويد. از موقعيت كنوني خود با خبر شويد و نزديكترين مكان ها را بيابيد. در كل يك نقشه ي كامل با تمامي قابليت ها را در اختيار داريد.


"Editing by PC, bring out with iphone"

This project was started to improve the disappointing aspect of MyMap functions on GoogleMap.GoogleMyMap+ is a framework that's supposed to be used PC browser and iPhone same time.The can sync with iphone any time.


Specialized in 3 features and summarized as a "Useful Map Tool Set".

1: "Easy placement & grouping markers" 2: "Direction search(It works as a front-end app of google map app)" 3: "Search on the map"

1: Just watch/use map

  • Jogdial smooth zooming map
  • Street view + Pegman
  • On map search and result list
  • Place info
  • Distance measurement
  • Email at cursor location
  • Anchor(Temporary markers)

2: Transit/Direction search

It works as a front-end app of google map app.

3: Editing map(marker manager)

  • Clustering marker. [[ What is clustering? ]] Even if showing large number of markers, the behavior of app will NOT be slow.

  • On map marker list

  • Comfortable usability with cross key(select & zoom to marker)

  • Editable by PC browser, can be sync with iphone any time.

Supports url scheme

more details

===================================== App Requirements ===================================== Supports iOS9, iPhone6s, iPhone6sPlus iPod3-5G, iPhone4,4s and later