My Wonderful Wishes * Pocket Genie

My Wonderful Wishes * Pocket Genie

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یک اپلیکیشن فوق‌العاده یک وظیفه تکرار و یادآوری اهداف و آرزوها و برنامه‌های شما را در زندگی طبق یک زمان‌بندی منظم به عهده دارد و باعث افزایش انگیزه و راز موفقیت شما در زنگی خواهد شد .


For the ones who live a wonderful life, My Wonderful Series #3 - My Wonderful Wishes

"The belief in a thing makes it happen"

  • Frank Lloyd Wright

We hope you're having a wonderful life and your life gets better day by day. Beloved app, My Wonderful Days, tries to take part in it by keeping track of your everyday life. My Wonderful Goals takes care of your goals. Our final step is about your wishes.

My Wonderful Wishes

My Wonderful Wishes is where you write and keep your valuable wishes.

  • Your word, your wish right on front

  • Shown with your name

  • Tap coin to throw it into the lamp when the wish is on your mind, when you're praying about it, or when you want it so bad

  • Unlimited coins to use

  • Swipe to navigate through wishes and shake it for a random one

  • Wishes are rated from 1 star to 5 stars by importance

  • Order wishes on list by stars, coins and date

  • Accomplished wishes are held on Hall of Fame

  • Share your completed wish with an awesome photo by e-mail and Facebook

  • Daily notice available

  • Passcode lock feature

  • Customizable user name

  • Main page wishes order can be customized

  • Various fonts available

  • Sound on/off

  • Website :

  • Contact :