Paris ci la sortie du Métro - Exit Strategy Paris

Paris ci la sortie du Métro - Exit Strategy Paris

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یک اپلیکیشن کاربردی و خوب برای استفاده از مترو پاریس این اپلیکیشن برنامه زمانی حرکت قطارها و موقعیت مکانی آن‌ها روی نقشه و فاصله زمانی و مکانی آن‌ها تا ایستگاه مورد نظر را به کاربران نشان می‌دهد و می‌تواند در انتخاب قطار برای سوار شدن و زمان انتظار در ایستگاه برای رسیدن قطار بعدی یا زمان رسیدن قطاری که در آن هستید به ایستگاهی که می‌خواهید کمک شایانی کند .


Paris-ci la sortie du Métro is the only app which helps you to save time in Parisian subway, to avoid long walk on the platforms and plan wisely your trip.

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NO Phone service, No Internet Connection required !!

With the app, plan your trip and stand on the platform exactly right in front of the carriage you need to get off to be in front of your transfer or exit, so you can save time instead of waiting anywhere on the platform.

With the route calculation from door to door, just folow the directions to optimize your trip and travel just like a real parisian !

Spread the love, share the joy to save time.

Just be late if you decide to be!

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Plan where to stand with Paris ci la Sortie and shave minutes off every trip!

Get a map of the Paris Metro Subway in your pocket !

WAIT...there's more!

Know those amazing RATP Paris Metro neighborhood maps in each subway station? We've got them ! We wove them together into a giant quilt-like STREET MAP! Just tap on the location button (upper right corner) to see a detailed map of the surrounding area (works for all stops in). The map even has ADDRESS RANGES to help you figure out cross streets !

Sit in the right place in the Metro to exit in front of our transfer or exits.

NO Phone service, No Internet Connection required !!

Paris Metro, RER and Buses Map included.

Just be late if you decide to be!

Recommended by AppStore, LE PARISIEN French Newspaper, seen on TV and magazine.

We are open to new ideas and suggestions, especially on RER stations maps in order to update our app.

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Visit Paris travelling in the metro like a Parisian and save time during your stay in Paris.