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شاید شما هم درحال یاد گرفتن زبان آلمانی باشید.
Langenscheidt یک دیکشنری آلمانی به آلمانی فوق‌العاده‌ است که به ما در یادگیری این زبان کمک به‌سزایی می‌کند.
این دیکشنری جدیدترین کلمات آلمانی را هم شامل می‌شود.
معانی موجود در این دیکشنری کاملا ساده و قابل فهم هستند.
این برنامه‌ی ۲۰ دلاری اپ‌استور، با حساب کاربری ویژه‌ی سیب‌اپ رایگان است.


Learn German as a second language with Langenscheidt’s comprehensive German – German Dictionary.

Comprehensive German vocabulary with 60,680 entries, 66,000 words and phrases and over 63,000 example sentences. Learn German with Langenscheidt, Germany’s No. 1* dictionary publisher.

This app ist the digital equivalent of „Langenscheidt Großwörterbuch Deutsch als Fremdsprache“.

THE GERMAN DICTIONARY FOR GERMAN LANGUAGE LEARNERS • German – German entries • Over 65,000 words and phrases • Over 63,000 example sentences and over 30,000 word combinations to actively expand your vocabulary • The latest German vocabulary from all walks of life • Straightforward definitions of German words • Comprehensive grammar und over 2,100 extra hints for correct usage • Specifically designed with learners of German as a second language in mind • Ideal language course companion • Morphology module to translate words in any grammatical form (for Englisch, French, Spanish and Russian).

USE GERMAN DICTIONARY OFFLINE No internet connection required. The German dictionary app also works in flight mode and abroad without roaming fees.

HAVE GERMAN WORDS READ ALOUD TO YOU Read-aloud functionality demonstrates the correct pronunciation of German words. This way, you learn and use German words quickly in everyday situations.

SEARCH AND FIND GERMAN WORDS • Full text search • NEW! Search for Anagrams • NEW! Search within entries to narrow search results and search longer entries more quickly • Placeholder search • Search for similar words in case of incorrect spelling

VOICE RECOGNITION User your microphone and speak the words you want to search for. This way you save time as opposed to having to type them. This is especially useful for words that you are unsure of how they are spelt.

COPY AND PASTE The simple copy-and-paste functionality allows you to copy German words and phrases from your browser or email to the clipboard. On opening the German dictionary app, the copied words are automatically translated.

YOUR PERSONAL GERMAN VOCABULARY The favourites list allows for quick access of German words you search for frequently: Save important words to your favourites for quick and easy access.

SEARCH HISTORY The search history displays the last 100 words you looked up: Access your last searches in the German dictionary by quick-access.

  • according to market research institute GfK Entertainment GmbH, Langenscheidt ranks #1 in dictionary sales in Germany.