Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

Practical English Usage by Michael Swan

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این یک برنامه‌ی آموزشی بی‌نظیر است. مرجعی فوق‌العاده. ابزاری که به معلم‌ها و کسانی که می‌خواهند زبان انگلیسی را بهتر یاد بگیرند، در زمینه‌ی اشتباهات معمولی که در انگلیسی پیش می‌آید، کمک می‌کند. این برنامه لغات کلیدی و دستورات کاربردی زبان انگلیسی برای یادگیری گرامر را به زبانی ساده و بسیار روان که قابل درک است، به‌صورت نوشتاری و صوتی به ما آموزش می‌دهد.


Practical English Usage is a world bestseller and a vital reference tool that helps teachers and higher-level learners with common language problems in English.

Practical English Usage provides instant answers to questions about the English language which both native and non-native speakers of English find difficult to explain: When do we use a past tense with a future meaning? When and why do English speakers use 'the'? Do I say 'big', 'large', or 'great'? What exactly is the difference between 'close' and 'shut'? How do I read out an email address?

The Practical English Usage app: • Deals with spoken and written grammar, vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, and differences between formal and informal language. • Contains over 600 indexed entries covering all the important problems for learners of English. • Offers clear simple explanations with corpus-informed examples. • Includes notes on background topics such as letters and emails, politeness, standardisation and dialect grammar, the meaning of 'correctness', differences between spoken and written English, and changes in English. • Covers differences between British and American English. • Includes audio for the pronunciation discussed in the text.

You can: • Access entries through the very complete Index, either by scrolling through the list or by keying in the language point you want to look up – e.g. future, conditionals, 'have'.
• Browse through the thematically-organised Contents Overview and the A-Z list of entries. • Navigate immediately between related entries through the many cross-references. • Create your own list of favourite entries. • Go to ‘History’ to view your recent searches.

You can use the Practical English Usage app together with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app to look up words. Just tap on a word in Practical English Usage to bring up the dictionary entry.