Quebec City on Foot : Offline Map

Quebec City on Foot : Offline Map

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اين اپليكيشن يك برنامه ي مسير يابي ويژه ي شهر Quebec واقع در كشور كانادا مي باشد و اگر قصد سفر يا زندگي در اين شهر را داريد اين برنامه لتزمتان مي شود تا مكان هاي مورد علاقه تان را روي نقشه پيدا كنيد و علامت بگذاريد. همواره مي توانيد با استفاده از GPS مكان خود را در اين شهر بيابيد و هيچگاه گم نشويد.


This application will guide you through Quebec City but you’ll remain the boss. Go wherever you want to go and feel free to lose yourself. Thanks to this app you will always be able to identify your exact location and find your way through the city.

-Instantly locate the nearest Points of Interest around you. -Store your position so that you can return to it later. -Find a restaurant, bar or museum in the area. -Get your bearings and know in which direction you are heading. -What’s that monument right ahead of you? -Store your hotel location, or any other location you want. You will always know where they are, and how far they are.

This is an offline application; an internet connection is not necessary, nor is a fixed data package.

The database contains over 5000 stored locations; just type a name into the search box and there is a high chance that the application will find it for you.

Zoom in and out in order to better visualise your location in a neighbourhood or in broader surroundings.

This version does not require an internet connection or Wifi. You will not be charged any roaming fees.