Remote, Mouse & Keyboard Pro

Remote, Mouse & Keyboard Pro

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قابلیت‌های گوشی‌های هوشمند و آیفون در چندسال اخیر افزایش یافته است. اما هنوز بسیاری از قابلیت‌ها مانند کنترل مک را ندارند. اپلیکیشن Remote Control for Mac – Pro آیفون شما را به کنترلری برای کامپیوتر مک شما تبدیل می‌کند.
یکی از محبوب‌ترین کارهایی که با کامپیوتر مک می‌توان انجام داد،‌ تماشای فیلم و سریال است. اما اگر کمی از مک خود فاصله بگیرید، تماشای فیلم وسریال کمی دشوار می‌شود و راحتی تلویزیون را ندارد. Remote Control for Mac – Pro آیفون را شما را به کنترلری تبدیل می‌کند که قابلیت‌هایی همچون کنترلر تلویزیون دارد. علاوه بر تماشای فیلم، شما می‌توانید با استفاده از Remote Control for Mac – Pro برنامه‌ها بر روی مک خود را کنترل کنید.
قابلیت‌ها Remote Control for Mac – Pro:
• قابلیت نشان‌دادن صحه نمایش مک بر روی نمایشگر آیفون
• قابلیت شخصی‌سازی دکمه‌ها
• بخش ویژه برای کنترل سرویس‌های استریم مانند نتفلیکس
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Control your Mac or Windows computer with multimedia controls, keyboard, mouse, app and system actions & AirPlay controls. Take full control of your computer from anywhere in your home or office.

Tired of sitting on the couch, having to handle keyboard and mouse on your lap to control your home media center computer? Use Remote Control on your iPhone or iPad as a trackpad and keyboard to comfortably browse on the big screen TV. Using AirPlay Mirroring and an Apple TV, your Mac could be located anywhere in your home. Simply select your Apple TV from the list of available AirPlay devices and control your Mac from the comfort of your couch or bed.

You can even start any app on your Mac, send your Mac to sleep, wake it up and perform many more useful actions to control your Mac remotely. All you need to do is download the Mac Helper application and connect your Mac and iOS device to the same WiFi. Remote Control will guide you through the simple setup process.


  • Control volume, playback and Airplay mirroring of your Mac/Windows;
  • Use your iOS device as a Mac/Windows trackpad and keyboard;
  • Launch and quit Apps on your Mac comfortably from your iOS device;
  • Control any app on your Mac using its menu;
  • Restart or shut down your Mac, change display brightness and many more useful actions;
  • Enjoy the ease of use in a slick user interface you will love;
  • Use the Personal Hotspot of your iOS device to control your Mac when you don’t have access to other networks;
  • Control popular multimedia apps and websites like iTunes, Netflix, YouTube and etc;
  • 3 steps, under 30 seconds super easy setup.


  • LIFEHACKER: "This iOS app lets me control nearly every aspect of my Mac from my iPhone or iPad"
  • MACSTORIES: "Remote for Mac is perfect for controlling a Mac that serves as a media center"
  • MACOBSERVER: "This setup gives me full control of my Mac in the palm of my hand from anywhere in my house"
  • CULT OF MAC: "Remote for Mac adds the convenience that we expect from our devices in the 21st century."
  • TECHRADAR: "If you’ve a headless Mac you need to command – or just one elsewhere in your home you can’t be bothered actually walking over to – this app is first-rate stuff"
  • IMORE: "Remote Control for Mac covers a lot of bases. If you've got a Mac somewhere in your house that you use for media management, Remote Control for Mac is a must-have"
  • IGEEKSBLOG: "Wow!! the app does indeed think about user’s every need."


  • Mac with macOS 10.10/PC with Windows 7.0 or above and free helper app installed;
  • iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iOS 11 or above;
  • Shared wireless network connection between your computer and iOS device.

HELPER APP Download free helper app from

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