Polaris Ride Command

Polaris Ride Command

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یک اپلیکیشن فوق‌العاده GPS برای سوارکاران موتورهای کوه‌نوردی و تریل . این اپلیکیشن با معرفی و پیشنهاد مسیرهای فوق‌العاده کوهستانی و جنگلی و هدایت شما در مسیر بهترین تجربه‌های موتورسواری را برای شما به ارمغان می‌آورد . همچنین چون اکثر این مسیرها خارج از شهر و در مناطقی هستند که اینترنت سرویس در دسترس نیست این اپلیکیشن قابلیت کارکرد بصورت آفلاین را هم دارد .


Introducing Polaris Ride Command, the ultimate accessory for any power sports enthusiast, specifically created to elevate your Off-Road and Snowmobile experience. Previously known as the ORV and Snow Trails apps by RiderX, Ride Command is designed to enhance your year round riding experience by providing over 300,000 miles of trail data. View ride areas, points of interest, and dealerships all on the map of your smartphone or tablet. Ride Command also provides downloadable maps for offline use and weather updates including snow and rain fall. Experience group riding like never before with Ride Command’s Group Ride and Follow the Leader features. Invite a rider to your group to see their live location on the map of your smartphone, tablet or Ride Command in-vehicle display. Assign a rider in your group as your leader to follow their trail through any twists and turns you encounter. Seamlessly pair to your in-vehicle Ride Command display via Bluetooth to wirelessly sync rides and waypoints to your vehicle. Stream music to your vehicle’s speakers, receive text and call notifications on your display, and keep track of other riders in your group, all from the driver’s seat of your RZR or General. Ride Command is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease battery life. Recommend running with power source.

Group Ride functionality requires cellular connectivity. If cellular signal is lost, Ride Command will show the last known location of riders in your group until signal is establish again.