History of science - interactive book

History of science - interactive book

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یک کتاب مرجع و کاربردی فوق‌العاده برای خواندن و اطلاع از زندگی‌نامه دانشمندان و محققان بزرگ دنیا .


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Interactive encyclopedia with a collection of biographies of the greatest scientists (according to the NY Times), in a single application.

Study the biographies of great people through interactive reading:

  1. Why did Leonardo da Vinci encrypt his diaries?
  2. What great book of Newton was burned through the fault of his beloved dog?
  3. How did Galileo prove to the Inquisition that the Earth revolved around the Sun?
  4. Why was the mother of Johannes Kepler accused of witchcraft?
  5. How did Descartes prove the existence of God?
  6. From whom Copernicus borrowed the idea of the heliocentric system?
  7. Why did Darwin try to taste all animals he studied?
  8. Why did Mendeleev consider 38º the ideal strength of vodka?
  9. Why did Nikola Tesla never sleep more than 2 hours in a row?
  10. What did Edison build a house, where even the furniture was made of concrete?

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